Bees are an essential part of nature pollinating thousands of plants.  Yet when they come to your property they can be scary having thousands of members in a swarm cloud.  Their honeycombs can weigh more than 50 pounds and cause major damage to a property. 
European honey bees are the most common bees and are generally harmless, yet with the introduction of the Africanized honey bee and interbreeding, care and professionalism must be taken when dealing with the bees. 
Our bee service includes removal of the hive and sealing up the areas of entry.  The work is generally done at night or before the sun comes up.  This is to ensure the safety of neighbors  and the public.  A vacuum can be used to remove bees, they can be treated with an approved product, or they can also be collected for relocation if possible.  A service guarantee of one year is given with the removal of the hive.
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