Termites can cause significant damage to your property. Two main termites are found in Southern California.
Drywood Termites live in the wood.  These termites survive drawing moisture directly from the wood. They leave a mess of fecal pellets where they are consuming the wood.  They swarm anytime during the year when temperatures are around 80 degrees.  Their swarmers have an orange-brown color head and the abdoman area is darker brown.
The other type is the Subterranean Termite. These termites live in the ground and use mud tubes to travel.  They swarm during the early spring and late summer.  Their swarmers are black in color.
A professional recommendation can be made after a thorough inspection is completed. We feel that the best method for termite control is a treatment that targets the colony and therefore eliminates the source. A whole structure fumigation is still a good choice for drywood termites, yet with the development of very good products which target the termite colony, other good choices are now available.

It’s about “killing the infection not just treating the pain for the moment.” Non-repellent products target the entire colonies. These products are injected into the wood and therefore have little environmental impact with no odor.
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